First Time of Attending Tokyo Gift Show: a great opportunity to learn about the latest lanyard trends

Tianqiao Booth(Tokyo Gift Show)

The 3-day Tokyo Gift Show was held from February 6th to 8th, 2024. Our company (Dongguan Tianqiao Ribbon Co., Ltd.) participated in the exhibition for the first time. With a learning attitude, a dedicated spirit, and a determination to develop in a more professional direction, we came to the Tokyo Gift Show to demonstrate our strength. At the same time, in order to gather more resources and serve our valuable customers.

Our booth is located at 東3-T23-43. The exhibition contents include:Lanyard, Crossbody Lanyard, Wrist Lanyard . At the exhibition, we also learned about the urgency of win-win cooperation. Here we talked freely with future partners. While attending the gift show, we also noticed the kind of lanyard that local clients prefer when communicating with customers and observing the buyers that passed by our booth. This is part of valuable information we collected from the show. It is also for us to follow the trend on an international professional stage and stabilize the direction of our own reform and innovation with the development trends of products.

Of course, we also have competitors in such a huge market. Get to know and compare product quality, categories, services and prices with manufacturers of our same type of products. We know our shortcomings and advantages. Tianqiao has its own advantages in terms of product quality and complete range of products. However, in this market trend dominated by price, customers have concerns about the choice of products, which requires us to provide products that meet customers' needs at the effective cost. In addition, some manufacturers of the same type have participated in various exhibitions and sales conferences many times to make them more famous in the lanyard industry, and they must have experience in product display and introduction. These are things worth learning from.

We gained a lot from Tokyo Gift Show . In the future development path, what we have to do is to provide better services and more professional products, and pursue a more long-term future for Tianqiao with a win-win!

Post time: Feb-29-2024