Sending “Coolness” in Summer to our big family!


Since the fall of July, the temperature has continued to rise, which has brought great challenges to the employees of the group.

We purchased Wanglaoji, iced black tea and other cool drinks, and the project manager of the factory will distribute them to third-party team employees as soon as possible. The front-line security and cleaning staff rushed over with joy. Pulling out from the busy work, the sweat-soaked shirt has not had time to wipe. The project managers handed them boxes of drinks and asked about their physical and working conditions with concern. When mentioning the precautions for outdoor work, the project manager urged everyone to take care of their health and ensure the smooth progress of work while relieving the heat and cooling down.

Although the ceremony is not big, but the affection is strong. The labor union of the group took practical actions to care for the front-line employees, and the little bit of heatstroke prevention and cooling brought a silent touch. Treating employees as family members and giving them care and care is the corporate culture that Tianqiao has always upheld. This condolence activity fully reflects Tianqiao 's "family culture". In the future, the group will further improve employee welfare and sympathy work, and enhance internal solidarity, so as to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise.



Post time: Aug-10-2023