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Wrist Mobile Lanyard

  •  Perfect accessory to keep your most important items safe and within easy reach.
  • This versatile lanyard is designed to provide maximum convenience and peace of mind, whether you’re on the go or just need a convenient way to keep track of your belongings.
  • Made from high-quality polyester, this lanyard is sturdy and durable, perfect for holding your phone, keys or even your wallet!




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 Technical support:Design, Special Requirement

  • Product Name: Mobile Rope Lanyard
  • Length: 21cm or custom
  • Support Logo Custom: YES
  • Diameter of Single Rope: : 6mm
  • Phone patch: PVC or TPU
  • Accessories custom: YES
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    This short polyester lanyard is the ideal solution for anyone who needs a reliable way to keep essentials close at hand. Whether you're running errands, jogging, or attending a busy event, this lanyard will ensure your valuables are always within reach. It's conveniently long and perfectly sized to secure your items without getting in the way or feeling bulky. Plus, the durable polyester material means this lanyard can withstand daily wear and tear, making it a long-lasting and reliable accessory.

    The versatility of this short polyester lanyard makes it an essential everyday carry accessory for anyone. It's perfect for holding your phone so you can easily answer calls or check notifications without having to fumble around in your pocket or bag. Plus, it's great for protecting your keys so you never have to worry about them misplacing or jingling in your pocket. With the ability to attach a wallet for added security, you can rest assured knowing your most important items are always safe and secure.

    Not only is this lanyard practical, it also looks stylish and stylish, making it perfect for any occasion. The solid, vibrant colors and smooth polyester material give it a modern and modern look that's sure to match any outfit or style. Whether you're out shopping casually or attending a formal event, this lanyard will fit effortlessly into your look and add a touch of practicality to your look. It's the perfect accessory for those who value functionality and style for their everyday essentials.

    All in all, our short polyester lanyard is an essential accessory for those who want to keep important items safe, convenient and stylish. With its durable construction, versatile functionality and modern design, it's the perfect addition to your everyday carry. Whether you're always on the go or just need a reliable way to keep track of your essentials, this lanyard is the perfect solution. Don't wait any longer - protect your belongings easily and stylishly with our short polyester lanyard today!


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